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My own personal growth journey has prepared me to show up fully for you with deep empathy and unwavering confidence in your capacity to transform.  


After I had three kids in 4 years (all boys!), I found myself struggling - HARD.  I was overwhelmed, disempowered and disconnected from my inner wisdom and self-love.  It felt like I had lost myself; but in actuality this would be the greatest catalyst for true self-discovery and transformation.   


Here was my divine opportunity to change my relationship to all parts of myself and my thinking, and open up the channel to the innate wisdom that had always been within me.  I took my deep struggle of motherhood, and it became the portal to my liberation.  My marriage transformed, the ups and downs of life became graceful and infused with trust and I started showing up in the world in a way I never imagined possible.  I became a leader of a mission-driven organization, opportunities to live in my purpose become available all around me, and life was now infused with gratitude and magic. 

I continue to be deeply committed to my personal and spiritual growth.    The greatest investments I have ever made have been in my own inner work.  It has brought me the gift of simultaneously feeling aliveness and peace.  This is my deepest wish for you, dear sister.  


To everyone else, you seem to have it all together.  You are bright and competent, "successful" in so many ways.  But you can't help but notice this feeling inside you that is asking for more out of life...  

You considered therapy, and may have already done it, but you want more than a place to examine the past; you are looking to create a vibrant and rich future.  Coaching appeals to you, but you also want someone who has the training and experience to hold a safe space to share ALL of your experiences.

You are spiritual, but desire to tap into that aspect of yourself more.  You know that tuning into this frequency will enable you to access your wisdom and manifest abundance, but you wonder how.  When you see people in the world that have a strong inner compass and who are able to make clear, intuitive decisions, you know that you want this too.   

Whatever challenge is showing up in your life, you are now ready to re-write the story and create a new reality from the inside out.  Whether you are wanting to shift relationship patterns, create a joyful and abundant life, or just gain confidence in who you truly are...

You are ready to PLAY BIG and shine bright as the star of your life. 

My Approach

Counselling + Coaching + Consciousness

What is unique about what I bring to you is my capacity to bridge therapy AND coaching with a spiritual growth mindset.  Together we may visit the past and play in the future but above else, I will help you stay powerfully grounded in the present.  Below, are some of elements that inform how I work with my amazing clients.  

Therapeutic Counselling

As a Masters level Registered Clinical Counsellor, I have the training and experience to work with people struggling with a range of emotional challenges from addictions to depression/anxiety.  With the best client outcomes of my peers, I excel at creating safety with my clients in a way they may have never experienced before.  This is a sacred container for you to be heard and seen, and to heal.    

Transformational Coaching

Although I came from a counselling background, I felt there was a more empowering view of change.  No one needs to be fixed; everyone has everything they need inside of them if they learn how to listen. Years of therapy are not necessary for transformation to occur.  In fact, access to innate wisdom and insight is available in any moment. 


I was drawn to transformational coaching, as the next level of development for myself and my clients. Rather than just helping my clients cope with life, I serve to help them THRIVE and create the life of their dreams from the inside out. They come to me because that is what they are ready for. 

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting is not about your children.  Conscious parenting is about raising your own consciousness, taking care of your inner child wounds and breaking free from cultural conditioning. Trained in the Conscious Parenting Method™, I help you deconstruct lifelong patterns and empower you to live an authentic life, while holding deep love for yourself and liberating your children.

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