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Transform Your World

Coaching + Counselling + Consciousness


Hi, I'm Sukhi and I'm so glad you are here.  I help incredible women like you - align with their innate wisdom to live their most authentic, connected and powerful lives. 


You are a g'damn superwoman.  You juggle so many roles and do it like a rockstar.  You give all of yourself and contribute in countless ways. 


Yet there is a part of you that knows you have dimmed your light..


Wouldn't it be amazing to feel in charge of your life?  What would happen if you could let go of old stories that no longer serve you?  Imagine how life will unfold when you are fully present and hold deep love for yourself. What will it be like to have flow, ease and trust in the everyday?  Are you ready to show up and shine your light into the world as the next-level goddess that you are?! 


You have everything you need within you.  I'll hold the sacred space for you to claim your birthright of confidence, joy and magic in all areas of your life.  You get to create a new reality from the inside out. 

What if your greatest challenge
is actually the portal to your growth, transformation and freedom? 

Yes, it's true.  Everything in your life is happening FOR you, not to you. No matter what your challenges are - motherhood, marriage, health, career, relationships, mood, grief - it is your access point, your opening, your opportunity to become more of who you truly are.   

When we align ourselves with the essence of who we are - beyond our childhood, our circumstances, our stories, our conditioning - something magical happens. 

  • Our lives transform in ways we never even knew possible. 

  • We live with ease and grace. 

  • Clarity and trust overrule anxiety and worry. 

  • We move through experiences with fluidity. 

  • Transformational insights are available to us at any moment. 

  • The universe winks at us with countless synchronicities. 

  • Leadership and manifestation become second nature.  

  • We attract amazing people and next-level experiences.

Using all my gifts and tools as a clinical counsellor, transformational coach and spiritual space holder, I will there be beside you, pointing you in the right direction on this incredible journey. I've been though it myself and I am passionate about helping my sisters live beautiful, vibrant lives.  

White Plants

Let's Connect

If something inside you feels called to learn more, listen to that voice.  

Let's jump on a Zoom call and explore.

I am thrilled to offer a FREE Discovery Call to help us see if working together is the right next step for you in your growth journey. 

Use the form below to contact me.  All submissions are confidential.

Much love to you.

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